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We wish to thank you for visiting us today. Our prayer for you is that God will anoint you with oil and His Spirit will illuminate your mind as you read each word. We desire as you explore our website that you will be empowered, spiritually enriched, and that you will learn more about Jesus Christ, yourself, and who God created you to be. This website is primarily geared toward helping God's people and also designed to minister to those hurting, wounded, in need of wholistic healing, and deliverance. There is a process for one's purpose in life, which can set free the compelled, duty-bound, and brokenhearted.  This process can propel individuals to walk therefore in their divine purpose, call, and destiny. This process of divine empowerment will reverse unfavorable situations, despair, crises, trails, storms of life, anxiety, inter/intra-personal conflicts, and stress.

The primary purpose of LCCOC is to provide services in Christian counseling, education, faith-based community outreach, and partnerships with a distinct mission that more people would come to know more about Jesus Christ (the Lighthouse), and seek Him as their source, the light, compass, and way. It is our belief that Jesus is the high tower, and the bright light at the top of the lighthouse that will navigate, and guide individuals to safety during the storms of life. When one cannot see their way, Jesus delivers, brings onward comfort, consolation, and salvation.

We pray, decree, and declare wholeness and health for each visitor. Holy Scripture is the powerful inspired "Word of God" that leads and guides us to reality and transformation regarding our lives, health, and wellbeing, encompassing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Furthermore "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (III John 2). May your home be a reflection of the joy and peace that God has promised His children who follow Him. May God continue to bless your home, family, children, and community. We speak life into your marriage, your ministry, your dreams, and your mission, as you take care of yourself to walk therefore in your divine purpose, call, and destiny.

LCCOC is persuaded that based upon our: focus, goals, objectives, vision, mission, purpose, motto, and philosophy stances that we can make THE positive difference in the local community, the nation, and the world.




Overseer Dr. Melveena D. Edwards

Founder, President, CEO, Author and Entrepreneur


~Overseer of Organizations~

Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc. (CA) -LCCOC

     (Consultants for Christian Education Programs -CCEP)

Capstone Excelsior University, LLC (CA) -CEU

     (Lighthouse Academy for Christian Counseling and Seminary-LACC)    

Melveena D. Edwards Ministries, LLC (OH) -MDEM

     (T.O.P. THE olive PRESS Ministries)




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Westerville, OH 43086
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P.O. Box 152891
San Diego, CA 92115-9997
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Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc.
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